Mark Tluszcz

Founder & CEO @Mangrove Capital Partners

Mark Tluszcz

Founder & CEO @Mangrove Capital Partners


Mark Tluszcz is the CEO of Mangrove Capital Partners, where he specializes in early stage investing, most often in the seed and series-A rounds of financing. He is an active investor in Europe and Israel, where he spends his time searching for transformational ideas, often before product launch. His firm manages near $1 billion and has invested in over 140 companies.

Mark was the first investor in Skype which was sold to eBay for $3 billion and is currently the Chairman of Wix, which is trades on the NASDAQ. He serves on the boards of K Health, Redpoints & JobToday.  His firm has been fortunate enough to be involved in many great entrepreneurial journeys including, Badi, Flo and Happify as well as Unicorns Walkme & Letgo.

Mark is an outspoken commentator of the tech industry. In April 2015 he called most Unicorns “fakies” suggesting that valuations had gotten ahead of themselves and that most Unicorns would not make it.  In April 2016, he turned his attention against the Fintech space suggesting that were in a midst of a “Fintech Mirage”.  More recently, he has been highly critical of the “Gig economy” suggesting that in Europe such models are contrary to the European ethos.

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24 Jul 2019
Smolarz Auditorium. Tel Aviv University